FAQs: 3D Lipo, Slimming Centre London

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A: Is a very safe procedure that uses the effect of minus 5-6 degrees temperature on the fat cells , during which the fat cells are gradually removed from the body in natural way.
The effects of the treatment depend on the individual predisposition of every patient.
After first treatment you will notice the first visible effects , where it is estimated that in the area subjected to Cryo cups ,may occur up to 20%-40% less fat cells.
The most visible results of the fat freezing procedure appear 30 days after the treatment , the entire process of fat removal last up till 3 months after the procedure.


A:  This method is non-invasive and safe It allows you to deal easily with stubborn areas and unnecessary kilograms ,with controlled method of performing the procedure ,cryolipolysis
enables fast and effective reduction of fatty tissue.
As a result of the cooling process is induces inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue that is last up till several weeks.
For the final result you have to wait about 4 months, the reason is because the fat released from the cells is excreted gradually from the body during metabolic process.
Redness caused by cooling during the treatment disappears few minutes after the procedure,( if you prone to bruising it may be possibility of little bruise caused with vacuum suction)


A:  The duration of 1 application is 45min-till 1hr
If the patient want to treat whole abdomen with love handles on one visit , we may need 4 applications.
Typically maximum of 6 touchdowns can be performed per visit(plus calculated time that the patient have to stay in the clinic)


A:  For 2-3 days before you should avoid sunbathing , solarium and bathing in chlorinated water , you should also increase amount of water consumed to about 2-3 litres per day , this will help to stimulated lymphatic system . It is worth to take care of the liver , which after the procedure will be additionally loaded . For this purpose you should give up of drinking alcohol , limit consumption of coffee , fats and heavy foods . It is good to perform lymphatic drainage at least 1 time during the course of treatments for improving the lymph flow.

Q:  What can I expect at my appointments?

A:  Your primary consultation will concentrate on your medical history, your individual preferences for fat removal areas also a treatment plan will be provided for your specific goals. During 3D Lipo procedure you can feel completely relax, as this type of treatment is free of pain or discomfort. You won’t feel any heat sensation, only gentle warming if you RF – Radio Frequency is being used.

Q:  These are symptom-free processes, except for losing unwanted weight?

A:  Our treatment is 100% non-invasive, it uses Cavitation that has been applied superficially, to stimulate fat cell and release fat. The patient doesn’t require anesthesia of any kind as every type of 3D Lipo treatment it’s painless.

Q: Is this type of treatment effective?

A:   Yes, a development of treatments in combination with our recommendation – healthy lifestyle guidelines ensures success. The right treatment plan will be established during your first appointment.

Q:  When can I expect to see the results?

A:   Occasionally you will be able to see results almost immediately. What we usually say to our patient, they are able to see the results about one week after completion of treatment and it will continue to progress over the next 3-4 months. We always advised our patient that consuming more calories than the body needs will result in more fat being stored in the body and replacing fat cells destroyed by the treatment process. It is very important to note that treatment does not guarantee against permanent weight loss or regain of fat deposits in other areas of the body. Overconsumption of calories or lack of exercise will most likely mean excess fat storage and weight gain.

Q:  Are there any side effects?

A:   Because of the treatment procedure fully non-invasive and there is no side effects post treatment beyond the loss of inches and fat of course.

Q:  Can I do it multiple times? And how soon after my last treatment can I do it again?

A:   Yes, patients are able to process additional treatments to see improved and sustained results. You can start an additional series of maintenance treatments after 3 weeks following your last treatment session. Speak to your therapist for more details and extended treatment procedures.